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  AfghanMarkSM weavers use three types of knots:  (1) chapat baft, which is a loose weave (2) lor baft, which is a tighter kind of weaving and (3) half lor, which is a medium tight knot.  

About AfghanMarkSM

The new AfghanMarkSM trademark empowers conscientious consumers, wholesalers, importers and retailers to make a choice, get involved, and decide to ask for and select high-quality AfghanMarkSM certified carpets and rugs at competitive prices, while knowing that the women who made them received fair wages and higher rates of pay under inspected working conditions with no illegal child labor and access to health care and education, including literacy classes. 

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          Only “better” carpets -- “heirloom quality” carpets --   will be allowed to carry the new AfghanMarkSM certification trademark.  Each carpet will be numbered and will have with it a brief story of the woman who wove the carpet on the loom. 
          The Afghan Women’s Business Federation created the AfghanMarkSM to create brand name recognition for carpets made by Afghan women in order to certify increased income for women working on the looms, to create a monitoring system to certify working conditions and to increase educational opportunities and social responsibility to benefit the Afghan women weavers.  The AfghanMarkSM is expected to become a meaningful brand-symbol of a better life for Afghan women weavers who are asking for no charity, but just the opportunity to benefit fairly from their hard work and high quality artisanship on the looms.

   “AfghanMarkSM” was created by and is wholly-owned by the post-Taliban era Afghan Women’s Business Federation, which is headquartered in Kabul with women-owned and women-managed business members throughout Afghanistan.